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“I like a deep sports massage – a casual beating up. I try to get them whenever I can, usually more if I’m getting in shape for a role.” ― Chris Pine"

Shoulder Massage
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Massage is not just a is a way to a happier, healthier life.

Spa Massage


“Experience a new beginning for your body, mind, and spirit”​

Our mission is to assist you in getting the best out of each new day, which is a new beginning for your tomorrow.  We strive to educate your mind, as we restore and relax your body and revive your spirit with a wonderful and effective massage in a clean, positive, and healthy environment.  


(meet the following criteria)

  • Athletes (pros and non-pros)

  • Fitness Conscience Clients

  • Clients who prefer alternative health care

  • Clients who have experienced Post- OP, Injury, or Accident 

  • Clients who care for themselves with massage

Zen Stones


Mon:   10:00am   -  6:00pm

Tue:     10:00am   -  6:00pm

Wed:   10:00am  -   8:00pm

Thurs: 10:00am  -   6:00pm

Fri:       10:00am - 8:00pm

Sat:      11:00am - 6:00pm

Sun:     CLOSED

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Hunter Office Suites 

2870 E. Grand Blvd   

Suite 100

Detroit, MI 48202  |  Tel: 313- 757-3610

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