With all of the challenges that we face in life on a daily basis, we believe that the condition of the mind, body, and spirit dictate our reactions and choices for our journey.  ​


We believe that therapeutic massage, which is a healing art, offers many benefits for your body to function efficiently in each of the five-fold areas of your life; physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and financially.  

At GENESIS, we believe that every day is, in fact, a new beginning.  Through the education and exposure to therapeutic massage, we will feed the mind with the many benefits of massage that are applicable for all ages, both male and female.  With the release of stress, muscle tension and pain, the body can function “very good”, as it was originally designed.  And finally, as you may imagine, when your body is functioning efficiently and your mind is nourished with positive and powerful knowledge, your spirit is altered as well.  Your spirit is your frame of mind, and therefore determines how you process things and shapes your disposition towards all aspects of your life.  A healthy, mind and body, leads to a healthy spirit.


So we at GENESIS will strive to feed your mind, as we provide therapy for your body, thereby reviving your spirit as you embark on your new beginning.


Our ideal clients are Athletes (pros and non-pros), fitness conscience who prefer alternative health care methods and those who have experienced Post- OP, injury or accident clients and who care for themselves with massage.